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David: The final design for Freddy was based on a pepperoni pizza. I was at a restaurant one night, and I was having pizza and I was just kind of deep in thought. I started playing around with the cheese, putting it around the pepperoni, and actually made Freddy’s face on the pizza.

David Miller on what inspired his makeup for Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984, via filmchrist.


“It is obviously Vincent Price’s vehicle, and he gives us one of his most focused and balanced performances. Scripts and directors so often pulled upon Price’s comedic aplomb… or his grave capacity for projecting utter malevolence. In this, he mixes both. He is utterly ruthless and toxically charismatic; thus, it’s easy to see why he has followers and why they humiliate themselves for his delight.”

published by The Collinsport Historical Society
, via silverscreams.